Roshan Hakkim – Adidas Switch

The Adidas Switch by Roshan Hakkim, is a shoe based on the Switch Strap which is a simple strap cut from softgoods’ waste. The straps aim at eliminating the usage of plastic for carry bags. The These same straps can be used to close the shoe. The interesting feature about the Adidas Switch was that the brand would actually sell an “incomplete shoe” and the user is given the responsibility to complete the design and the branding with the “switch straps”.

The concept was built to encourage users to express themselves through the “Switch Straps. During the analysis it was observed that some users retain themselves form customising their beloved kicks as they did not want a permanent stamp which they could regret in future. In this scenario the straps takes the role of a platform to portray one’s expression. Being cheap the switch straps could be replaced or swapped regularly Users could exchange straps among them or even illustrate on them. Adidas Switch aims at bringing back the era of Adicolors.

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