Return of the AM1 (Video)

The Nike Air Max 1 is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sneakers to have ever been released by any brand. Tinker’s Pompidou Center inspired creation has seen many iterations since it’s initial release, from slight tweaks to the toe shape and material usage, the Air Max hasn’t been quite the same since the original released back in 1987.

Catching up with everyone from Nike’s Sportswear Senior Footwear Designer Lee Gibson, Footwear Developers, Heather Moreau and Emily Simmons, Colour Design Director, Devon McKinney, Materials Designer, Caroline Fullerton and Senior Product Line Manager Tanner Marshall, the video showcases some of the thought process and development that’s gone into trying to re-create the initial that the original Air Max had.

“Keeping the originator in mind, the team was meticulous about the details and include several nods to the debut 1987 Air Max. From the toe box mesh to the three-piece tongue and flat laces, the Air Max 1 recraft includes several details not seen since the release of the Air Max that started it all three decades ago.” – Nike

Return of the AM 1 from Joachim7inch on Vimeo.


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