Reebok Kamikaze III – Jeremy Sallee (Updated)

Jeremy Sallee is a sick designer and the man behind the Swizz Beatz x Reebok collab Kamikaze sneaks. He also answered a couple questions about his shoe for us, check them out below;

CK: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
JS: I am a lifestyle and basketball designer at Reebok International in Canton, MA.

CK: What inspired this design?
JS: The Kamikaze III was inspired by the “In-YO-Face” 90’s design language that Reebok used to be known for. More specifically, it was inspired by two of the greatest Reebok basketball sneakers of all time: The Question and the Kamikaze II.

CK: Whats your favorite thing about the shoe?
JS: My favorite thing about this shoe actually has nothing to do with the look of it. My favorite part is the effect that it had on the sneaker culture. It’s been a long time since Reebok has had a NEW shoe that has created a ruckus amongst the masses, and I’m just happy/thankful that it turned out that way.

CK: Whats are your favorite pair of shoes ever made?
JS: Well, in the better interest of my current employer (haha), I’d say my favorite shoe ever made is the Reebok Question. It was actually this shoe that inspired me to begin designing footwear at the ripe age of 12.

(Illustrations also by Katie Rodgers)