Reebok Fold Concept – Saul Maret

Faced with the question, “How do you make a sandal, a low cut and a mid cut in one upper?,” designer Saul Maret went to work at designing a shoe that could transform it’s shape. Inspired by the ancient art of origami, Saul managed to think up a genius solution for this problem, The Reebok Fold Concept. The upper can simply by folded to whichever suits you best for each situation. Not too sure if this was released on the market, but if it wasn’t…it should have been, because these are sweet!

[highlight] CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

SM -I’m a french designer  with 10 years of experience managing now the Accessories and Gear division in Reebok.

[highlight] CK – What inspired this concept? [/highlight]

SM – This shoe is only a concept that I worked when I was a Senior Footwear designer for Reebok. I’ve been challenged to find new wearing experiences for shoes…. a shoe that can change with your look and mood.