RayFish Footwear

Though I don’t necessarily agree with killing an animal just for mankind’s vanity (think elephants/rhino’s and their ivory, whale’s being killed for their skin oil…i can live with goat/cow/pig leather etc, as it’s a by-product, and not the sole intent of killing the animal), but I was just super inspired by the beauty of these Rayfish skins, and the patterns they can create. Regardless of how you may feel about these RayFish shoes, you can’t deny how beautiful these patterns are, time and time again, nature is often my biggest inspiration. I won’t be placing an order myself, but I would love to create patterns inspired by the stingrays through synthetic fabrics, as it for sure makes for an insanely beautiful looking upper.

‘Rayfish Footwear takes nature’s beauty one step beyond inspiration. We use it as direct input. By remixing pattern-generating DNA, we can create designs never before seen in nature. From tigers to turtles, the infinite variety of earth’s organisms is now at our disposal. Through our unique process of bio-customization, the patterns and colors of dozens of animals can be transformed into a truly personalized shoe.’ – RayFish

‘Stingray leather, also called shagreen, has been prized for centuries for its beauty and durability. It has been used for furniture, fashion, even sword grips and armor.

All Rayfish Footwear leather is produced from humanely raised stingrays at our Thai aquaculture facility. In our patented production process we combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge techniques to create a product that’s as sustainable as it is fashion-forward.’