Raw Stripes by Sveta Kletina

Some super inspiring shoe’s from designer & shoemaker, Sveta Kletina

‘Expensive shoes for expensive taste.I sculpture shoes!Reveal Raw collection is entirely crafted by hand individually to each custumer,paying attention to every detail I sculpture the shoes to give my custumers even worth for their expensive taste.

Under the influence of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi and by inspiration from organic forms, I created shoes that retain the history of their creation, clearly conveying the atmosphere and spirit of shoemaking craft. Hammer strikes, nail prints, abrasions and cracked skin are always hidden within, smeared and shaped out. 

I turned them inside out.  What is usually hidden inside the shoes, I revealed, exposed the internal components, which in bespoke shoes are made from vegetable tanned leather.
To make those shoes I developed untraditional technique for shoemaking, “Inside Out”, that allow me to show the amazing abilities of this vegetable tanned leather. It’s really magic material: It can be soft like plasticine and stiff like stone. I use these qualities of leather in my work to create really comfortable shoes. They are made without any seams in lining, which are usually uncomfortable. Vegetable tanned leather is a firm but flexible material, which provides good support and fit perfectly the foot without any additional stress while walking.’ – Sveta

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