Quechua Trail Footwear RT5 – 360° by Christophe Juge

Brought to you by Quechua Senior Footwear Designer, Christophe Juge, these RT5 – 360° shoe’s are a great mix of traditional trail runners and new school innovation –

‘I was challenged here to design a trail shoe that would be among the reference shoes for trail runners.
Therefore, it was not only a simple restyling, it was necessary to innovate. 
So my first step was to define what were the 3 most important caracteristics for a trail shoe (of course lightweight is a prerequisite).
Then I organised a workshop with the business unit, based on these 3 caracteristics.
There were a lot of great ideas, but it was necessary to concentrate on 3 to develop on this shoe.

The result is this RT5-360° design (390gr)’ – Christophe

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