QUECHUA HIKING SHOES by Sylvain Bienvenu, Ines LeBihan & Ugo Di Mauro

Now, i don’t know about you…but being a red blooded, bearded man, that looks like a bum hiker (though never actually having gone hiking a day in his life), i’ve often had sleepless nights being deeply concerned that women hikers just don’t have adequate hiking footwear that accentuates their beautiful & delicate ankles….untill now…

All jokes aside, this is such a great, well thought out and innovative idea from designers, Sylvain Bienvenu, Ines LeBihan & Ugo Di Mauro –

‘Quechua is a mountain sport brand of the Oxylane / Decathlon Group.
Its name comes from indigenous people living in the Andes of South America.

Established in China the brand is seeking to adapt its hiking shoes to the Chinese market. To do so, they asked to identify the need to adapt both functional and aesthetic approaches to the local concept of hiking, a concept closely related to the idea of well being, refering not only to a physical but also to a mental pleasure.’ – Sylvain

‘Hiking doesn’t mean the same in Europe and in China, where climbing a mountain is more seen from a symbolic rather than from a sportive perspective. The hiking shoes would then have to reflect this specific idea. 
Focusing on the women shoes appeared to be a real opportunity for the brand as there is few alternative to the conventional shoes on the market. The final project is an hybrid shoes, beetween a sandal and a hiking shoe, combining femininity, pleasure and security, referring to the idea of relief.’ – Sylvain