Qubiq by Yaroslava Gerfanova

Designed and handcrafted out of leather and wood by Yaroslava Gerfanova, these ‘Qubiq’ shoes are super different and very inspiring. I just love the unusual combination of shapes that come together to create such a unique silhouette.

Check out more images of Yaroslava’s handcrafted sample, after the jump.
Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-1 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-2 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-3 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-4 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-5


Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-6 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-7 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-8 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-9 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-10 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-11 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-12 Yaroslava-Gerfanova-qubiq-13