Q4 Sports Launches First Collection

Designer and creative Astronaut, Quintin Williams has teamed up with Kenny Carroll to create Q4 Sports, a new independent sportswear brand.
I’ve known Q for quite some time and I’ve always appreciated his perspective on the footwear industry and his passion for it, so seeing him making moves and taking things into his own hands is exciting.

For a little about the brand, what it stands for and where it’s heading, check out the in-depth run down from Quintin, below.



My Co-Founder/EVP Global Sports Marketing, Kenny Carroll, and I founded the brand because while working at a previous brand saw a huge opportunity in the marketplace, especially globally due to the saturated domination of the bigger, goliath brands. To add to it, global distributors were becoming weary of Chinese brands and often had trouble contracting bigger brands due to their set distribution standards. AND1 was once the major basketball brand filling the global distributor portfolio, but once they went downstream into Wal-Mart, it lost it’s “sex appeal”. These guys wanted a premium, performance brand to fill their basketball needs and that’s where Q4 was birth.


The idea of naming the brand Q4 is purely from thinking about the most exciting and intense part of the game…the fourth quarter. That’s the time of the game where it matters the most! If you’re winning, how do you keep the lead? And if you’re losing, how do you strategize and rally your team to victory? But in the same notion, we wanted to have a deeper story. So we created our tagline, which is “The Elements of the Game”. These four elements consist of Team, Passion, Commitment, and Focus. All though it’s essential to have all four elements part of your game on the hardwood, but we also believe outside of those sidelines the elements still apply to real life. Each element has it’s own symbol/icon:

Team Icon – inspired by the man in the middle hyping his surrounding teammates

Passion Icon – inspired by that inner heartbeat for the game

Commitment Icon – a solid icon representing the full dedication to the game

Focus – inspired by a bulls-eye…laser-focused alertness

You’ll see the element graphic on some of our footwear, apparel, packaging, and accessories to tell the story. You’re in the fourth daily is the mindset.

WHAT IS KOMpress?:

Our proprietary midsole design and foam compound, KOMpress™, was inspired by a natural sea-sponge. The concave and convex design allows for midsole, sidewall compression in the areas where the athlete needs it most. Meaning for speed players, placing smaller “pores” in the forefoot for quicker, responsive cushioning. For bigger players in need of more impact-protection cushioning, we can place bigger “pores” for more cushion for slower response. At it’s current state, it’s purely based on our foam displacement in the sidewalls and proprietary EVA compound, but the next generation will be featuring position-specific, engineered inner sponge pods. KOMpress Technology™ we will also place in our soon-to-come accessories and apparel for other cushion or impact protection stories.


While designing the first collection, I wanted to be sure we covered each style of play on the court so we developed 4 buckets of play: Power Players, Speed Players, Agile Players, and Universal Players.

The Design of the Shoes – The naming conventions of each shoe represents each type of player on the court

Specialist – designed for the Speed Player (point and shooting guard positions – UltraVent forefoot and quarter heat escape zones)

495 Lo – designed for the Agile Player (point, shooting guard, small forward – superior, UltraKnit containment and lightweight construction)

495 Hi – designed for the bigger Speed Player (small and power forward, center – light and nimble with added ankle and achilles protection)

Nforcer – designed for the Universal Player (post players – built for versatility, power, and control)

Millennium – designed for the Power Player (think LeBron – perfect blend of support, protection and cushion – outside the paint, outside of the arc or above the rim….we got you covered).

Q4 Proprietary Insoles – All of our insoles that come with our product have antimicrobial properties, T.S.S.26™ Arch Support for Enhanced Comfort, and Rear PORON® Calcaneus Crash Pad for added Impact Protection


The next big moves for Q4 will be officially announcing our NBA athlete roster for the upcoming 2017-2018 NBA season and some other great partnerships. We are already designing/developing the next season of products which will include off-court/lifestyle models, apparel, and accessories. Also on the performance side, we are developing the next generation of KOMpress Technology™ to introduce via those new models.








Mr. Bailey

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