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Our boy Quintin Williams has been busy creating his own line of hybrid casual/sport sneakers, and is planning to release them early next year with your help –

‘Q.Designs was meant to be a brand that encompasses both casual/lifestyle shoe aesthetics along with sport/basketball aesthetics….a hybrid.  I chose to take this route because personally I love to wear footwear that have a classy look if I want to dress up…but then I love basketball shoes to rock when I’m dressing down.  Then one day I thought, “Why can’t I rock both simultaneously?”  BOOM…I decided to make it a reality.
Q.Designs will not only appeal to the fellas, but to the ladies as well.  I’m currently working a series of sneaker wedges to follow up the launch of the men’s.

At this current moment, because people that follow me via Instagram and Facebook have been so anxious to receive the NO.2, I’m giving the public to pledge a money-free vote through my website.  If I get 80 people that they will pay $125 for the style before Christmas, I will release the crowd funding campaign on New Year’s Day.  That would push the release up for this shoe to Summer 2014 instead Fall 2014 like the other styles that’s coming down the pipeline.

The reason why I’m starting the collection at “NO.2” is because as artists everything kind of originates from the NO.2 pencil. Then later we graduate to pen, markers, pastels, etc. Hence the staple colorway of brown with the pink accents [eraser tip]’ – Q

Check out some sample close ups below, and head here to show your support!












Here are some renderings of the NO.2 Elite.  This model will release later this year and I will include a performance outsole and insole, metal tongue patch and aglets, and special numbering within the tongue.’ – Q


Mr. Bailey

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