Purlicue Leather Wrapped Sneakers

Purlicue is super interesting new brand to be on the look-out for. The Chinese brand, designed by Su Junhua, offers up a number of intriuging styles from leather wrapped uppers to a laceless Chukka style. Also, incase you were wondering, once worn in the leather wrapped sole can easily be replaced. It’ll be interesting to see how these shoes wear and age over their usage.
Below, OpeningCeremony managed to catch up with designer, Su Junhua to find out some insight about the man himself and what this new season of styles is inspired by.

You can check out the breif interview, as well as a few shots of Purlicue’s S/S16 offerings, below.

Name: Su Junhua
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Zodiac Sign: Ox
One Chinese superstition no one knows about: If people wash their hair before the end of the day on Chinese New Year it’s bad luck.
What is your current Spring/Summer 2016 collection inspiration? Well, the excess portion of the shoes can be trimmed as you wish… or remain as it is. The materials include calf leather, sheepskin lining, and rubber and calfskin sole. Once the sole has a bit of wear, the rubber material can be seen deliberately. Extra soles can be added on directly to the shoes before wearing them.
Coolest place to visit in China: Traditional Chinese farmers markets
Favorite traditional Chinese food dish? Chinese BBQ
What’s your go-to karaoke song? Songs by Eason Chan
What makes you feel most at home where you currently live? Enjoying the silence in my home
What do the Chinese characters in your name mean? Junhua means super handsome in Chinese haha: )
What Western pop culture topic was popular where you grew up? Western movies







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  • Paola Di Trocchio - 1 year ago

    I’m a fashion curator at the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia. I’m trying to get in touch with Su Junhua so that we can make some enquiries about purchasing his work. Would you by any chance be able to put ups in touch?
    All the very best