Puma by Mihara Yasuhiro – Performance Enhancing Fashion- Interview (Video)

Sneakersnstuff flew out to Japan earlier this year to meet up with Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro to talk about his background as a desgner, his inspirations, and his latest autumn/winter 2013 collection with PUMA.

The most fascinating part of the interview for me however, was when Mihara started to explain his inspirations in creating fashion pieces that also had performance enhancing capabilities. Inspired by Canadian Natives’ tattoos & patterns, he decided to use a herringbone pattern on the upper of one of his designs as it reminded him of those tattoos, but also expressed a visual use of technology within the sneakers. Another interesting creation outside of the footwear he’s created was an aluminium foil print jacket that not only looks super interesting, but also bounces off heat within the jacket, and being incredibly warm although it’s very thin.

Enabling function to be the base for the form can create a beautiful and interesting product if executed correctly. Being able to combine performance enhancing materials, with sleek aesthetics is something all designers should really strive for, and Mihara Yasuhiro sets the bar incredibly high with how that can be done in his latest collection with PUMA.

See more of Mihara Yashuhiro’s inspiring work, after the jump.


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