‘Project E’ by Siyan (Ramble) Ren

Digital ninja and designer, Siyan Ren (one of the 9 people I listed to follow on IG a while back) has just posted some images of his latest work, titled ‘Project E’.
There isn’t a whole lot of info but it seems Siyan was looking to create a sandal that can be worn during brutal LA winters.

The sandals offer up a super clean, high cut silhouette, with what looks like a leather, nubuck/suede main body, a fairly thick piping and elastic straps with a repurposed Roshe sole unit.

I’m also a fan of the sleek, continuous line Siyan has created in the main picture above. By tucking his loose fitting trousers into the high cut collar of the sandal he’s managed to blur the line of where the sandals stop and his trousers begin.

Check out Siyan’s ‘Project E’ in full, below.






Mr. Bailey

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