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adidas continues to push boundries with their super creative, Futurecraft series, with each concept being seemingly more intricate and innovative then the last. For their latest offering, adidas has unveiled their Tailored Fibre shoe, a concept first presented to them by Alexander Taylor studio;

“We presented the first prototype using electrical wire usually laid down to heat car seats. It was the only material available, but it proved a concept”
— Alexander Taylor


Alexander Taylor Studio essentially delves into emerging technologies and then develops and proposes proof of concept models to illustrate the possibility of working with them. As proven with their multiple, innovativly constructed sneakers (they also helped adidas come up with Primeknit), this can provide totally new ways of construcing products and can also compliment existing technologies quite nicely.

This particular project was initiated two years ago, with the aim of working towards its integration within the brand. As with their previous projects, the aim was (and continues to be) to search out and propose new alternatives appropriate for the future of manufacturing product.
“Tailored Fibre is commonly associated with composite and electrical applications within the automotive and aerospace industry. It is a flexible and efficient embroidery technology, which consists of a primary yarn stitched down by a smaller secondary yarn. Patterns and paths are designed to lay down material in response to the functionality required, which results in a completely new aesthetic for performance footwear.

The highest-performance fibres and filaments are engineered, adding to the textile toolbox accessible to the brand. In a single process, the technology allows the creation of all the required functionality, including flexible forefoot, supportive mid-cage and rigid heel counter.” – Alexander Taylor Studio-

Though I made I clear I wasn’t a massive fan of the initial 3D printed Futurecraft sneaker, the past two releases have been incredibly creative and could seriously impact the way footwear is crafted in the future.

The team over at Alexander Taylor Studio were gracious enough to send over a few shots of the initial mock-ups for the Tailored Fibre project, which you can see below, along with some final beauty shots of the final product.

Looking forward to seeing what these guys bring out next.














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