Power Force Winner – Quintin Williams

Congrats to our boy Quintin Williams for winning the Power Force sneaker design competition! Quintin went all out with this one, drawing inspiration from a Humvee airless tire. Check out what he has to say about the design, below.

CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself?

QW – My name is Quintin Williams and I was born in Biloxi, MS but grew up in a small rural town in Georgia by the name of Elko (everybody knows everybody kind of small…haha).  I later went on the attend the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Industrial Design.  I knew that this was the college for me when I went down to Savannah to check out the campus because the first day there, they where showcasing a car prototype a sponsored class built.  And if you know me….I love cars!  That is my first passion, second to basketball.
I’ve said this plenty of times before, that those two factors play a big part in my footwear design.  When I’m designing athletic shoes, I like to pull inspiration and lines from different areas of cars that catch my eye.  So that kind of all goes back to my submission for the Power Force Competition.  Winning that competition was THE biggest achievement I’ve ever had in my short life-span, but that’s only the beginning….I want to achieve so much more!  I’ve had the opportunity to experience China for 2 months watching and advising some of my shoe designs, and I’ve also had the opportunity to attend PENSOLE with D’Wayne Edwards.  All of those accomplishments are great!  I just want to keep inspiring young up-and-coming footwear designers or designers PERIOD that any dream is possible with hard work and dedication!!  Websites like ConceptKICKS are boosters to that mission.
Shouts out to Perry High School!  haha

CK – What inspired this design?

QW – The inspiration came from cars! Which was my first passion. So with that said, I looked for new car technologies that could be incorporated in a running shoe. I came across the airless tire concept the Humvee is using. The tire is basically made of plastic and rubber….simple technology. Why can’t this be put into a shoe for shock absorption and comfort?

The CTR (cars, tires, and running) is the design I came up with using that Humvee technology to enter in the Power Force competition. I also I wanted the upper to have a “golf ball” texture on it, which plays back into aerodynamics….all related to car design. I’m really with the outcome of this shoe..I think its my best yet!

CK – Any plans for production?

QW – Get ready because it will be stores for purchase in a couple of months! For more information about my footwear designs please visit my blog: www.qsketches.blogspot.com. Thanks.