Philippe Holthuizen x Iris Van Herpen – United Nude (UpDated)

United Nude has to be one of my favorite brands for women, and this collab with them and designer Iris Van Herpen is brought to you in a big way by Philippe Holthuizen –

‘I have been very involved with the shoes United Nude makes for Iris van Herpen’s fashion shows. Responsibilities include translating Iris’s sketches to a feasible design, creating CAD models and partly overseeing the small production run. Turnaround is usually about 3 months.’ – Philippe Holthuizen

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I’ve had a very varied path as a designer so far. I graduated as a bachelor from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003, followed that up with a Master in Transportation design at Elisava in Barcelona and hung around another year trying to get a foot in the door with a couple of design studios in Barcelona. Decided I might like the experience and wages better back in Amsterdam, so moved there in 2007. I’ve worked at a couple of studios in the Netherlands and have also had several freelance projects. As you can see, my portfolio covers everything from consumer electronics to yachts. When the chance presented itself to go to China, which I’ve always wanted to do, and to work for United Nude, which I hugely respected as a brand, I jumped on it! And that’s where I’m at now.
[highlight] What inspired these concepts? [/highlight]
As for the Iris van Herpen x United Nude collaborations, it all starts with a couple of sketches from Iris van Herpen herself. She has a vision for her collection and of course our shoes need to fit right in. These sketches are further developed by our creative director and senior designer, with some input from the rest of the team, presenting Iris with several feasible designs. We then need to produce a small production run. If any 3d CAD work is required, it usually falls to me, while the uppers are further detailed by our shoe designers. All that info then goes to small specialized factories who will bring it all together. There is a huge rush towards the end to get everything done on time.
[highlight] What do you like best about them? [/highlight]
What I like best about these projects is that they are really a team effort. Getting these shoes done on time and looking great is a huge undertaking and everything needs to come together perfectly. It’s awesome to be part of a team which can make that possible!

Check out the insane samples below –

‘The AW11 Capriole shoe. The heel was made of several layers of glass/carbonfiber to make the extreme shape possible.’