PETERSON+STOOP Share The Development Of Their New “Double Wavy” Construction

Dutch shoe making duo, PETERSON+STOOP recently shared a look at the design and development of their stunning new “Double Wavy” construction via their Instagram page.

Below you can see some of the initial steps that went into the creation of their latest construction style, as well as an explanation from PETERSON+STOOP about each step of the process.

“We make design decisions based on the aesthetics we are searching for. Our design practice is based on form follows feelings, opposed to form follows function, because for us it is logical that a shoe must be super functional. In the following slides you see how we have designed the final shape for the double wavy. We really looked at the vintage shoe, and tried to complement the shape. We followed certain lines, and went agains other lines to make the shoe a 360degrees experience. This is also a break through design for us, since this is the first symmetrical wavy we have made. Meaning that the left and right shoe are exactly the same!” – PETERSON+STOOP


“We have a very hands on approach to design. When we have an idea, we make it. We seldom make a sketch on paper. This double wavy was created in the same way. This is the first test we made. You can see we are playing with layers of leather, holes and multiple rows of stitching.” – PETERSON+STOOP


“Here you see the final product. To start with the foundation of the shoe, the sole is made from EVA. It is assymetrical, on one side you see the step and on the other side you see a wedge. Making a shoe assymetrical is really important to us, it challenges your spacial reasoning. Next to that we try to highlight individuality with our work, and by making asymmetric shoes we feel we are putting emphasis on uniqueness. We made a double wavy stomwelt, and blake rapid stitched two rows on the mid sole. This gives an extra chunkey effect, and also highlighting our favorite production method ❤️ To top it off, we replaced the Air Force 1 lining with a vedgetable tanned leather lining. The lining follows the iconic shape of the AF 1. By replacing the lining, we can reuse much more vintage sneakers, which would otherwise been thrown away.” – PETERSON+STOOP


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