Pensole x ConceptKicks Results!

First off, all of you who entered are winners. No cheese, straight up. Everyone that entered showed great promise and you’re now on the radar of some heavyweights in the footwear design community.

What better way to kick off our first design competition then with the Pensole Footwear Design Academy? We’re overwhelmed with the amount of participation and enthusiasm we’ve received from the many who entered and would like to thank both Pensole and Two Ten for this opportunity.

Unfortunately due to the awesomness and international reach of ConceptKicks, there were some issues with Visa’s and silly things of that nature, so instead D’Wayne decided to graciously offer 6 scholarships to the iPENSOLE online footwear design academy.

So with that all that said, we are proud to present the 6 entries who have all won a scholarship to the iPENSOLE online footwear design class, congrats! –

1. Kuba Blimel

2. Molnar Zsolt

3. Sergio Mora

4. Akinyele Kareem Olalekan

5. Kenneth-Moungkhounsavath

6. Timothy Ganter

Honorable mentions (in no particular order) –

Jan Maarten Lubberts

 Aurélien Dantin

Dan Jones

Deepak Kumar

Derek Huenecke

Guy Perez (MrBailey Note: Interesting inspiration on that ‘x’ lace hole 😉 ) 

Jesus Limon

Kelly Lin

Martin Chapuy

Nico Nico

Sern An Fang

Deangelo MacMahon

Jordan Anderson

Michael Dooley

Shubham Singhania

Nicolas Diacre