Partially 3D Printed Sandal Concept by Archie Tolentino

Designer Archie Tolentino breaks down his journey to the Pensole Future Of Footwear program, and the partially 3D printed sandal project he worked on during his time there –

‘For this light hiking sandal project, I wanted the figure 8 to have the strongest visual so I kept the rest of the shoe simple. I added a rope made of abaca fibers, another endemic tree specie in the Philippines. The rope helps to add more character to an otherwise plastic shoe, it provides additional structural strength and durability to the figure 8 straps. The children can weave the abaca rope themselves and customize it as they wish. The outsole pattern is taken from weaving used in most local furniture.

The vision is to have a 3D printing system that can be transported from town to town, school to school. The community can give by providing recyclable plastics that can be melted to a filament used for 3D printing. This system can also be taken to country to country. The same base shoe design can be used and wherever country it may be taken, the rope material can be changed into something available locally or the shoe can be redesigned entirely.’ – Archie

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Archie-Tolentino-3D-print-9 Archie-Tolentino-3D-print-1

‘As inspiration, I looked for images of endemic plants, animals and locally designed furniture. I felt the strong and graceful wing movements of the Philippine monkey eating eagle should be the driving theme for the design. I liked the visual effect of the negative space in the glass-wing butterfly and the black coral. I used the python’s movement qualities of being low to the ground and almost draping over the terrain as reference for how the shoe should feel. Filipino modern furniture design and pattern was referenced for the over-all visual of the shoe.’ – Archie



‘Here I was trying to prove the concept and still explore alternate options. I did a prototype to see where the straps should cross the foot to effectively secure the shoe.’ – Archie