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Developed back in 2010, the Sneaker & Stiletto Palette note books are designed to aid designers jot down quick thumbnails and ideas. Unlike other sketch books currently on the market, these aren’t a teaching guide, they’re designed to be a tool to make your life as a shoe designer just a little bit easier, and they do just that.

I just received my set of palettes this morning, and immediately loved the packaging and overall presentation. I’m a sucker for gold foil printed letters. After having looked through the quick intro I immediately started to test out their different silouhettes (i’ll post some pics to our CK instagram page soon). Admittedly i’m not really used to sketching over templates, but for hashing out quick ideas I found it great, I can especially see how perfect it would be during inspiration trips when you have a flash of brilliance, or for that impromptu sketch during a factory visit where you have to explain some detail your planning to change.

I highly recommend you pick up your own palette for $25.95, here.







Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 16.16.37

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 16.17.52


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