P73-1 Sample by Pedro Andrade

A super interesting project from Brazilian designer, Pedro Andrade. Pedro’s decided to take things into his own hands and create his own sample (both upper AND sole). Check out the process from start to finish below –

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-2

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-3

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-4

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-5


P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-6

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-8

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-0

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-10

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-11

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-12

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-13

P73-1 - Sketches-Mockup-em-escala-real-pedro-andrade-14

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