Oran Sheinman’s Experiments Between Anatomy and Technology

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Last will always and forever, come first – and its always interesting to experiment with exactly how the last develops it’s initial shape, especially in an era where technology and craft are continuing to explore new ways of co-existing – and especially seeing as the core purpose (outside of making the shoe look beautiful or hideous) the last is meant to be a representation of the foot’s anatomy.

Industrial Designer and Digital explorer, Oran Sheinman has been experimenting with what morphing a digital, more anatomical last my look like, creating a more harmonious merging of technology and anatomy –

“This project started with a top-bottom approach- trying to generate an empowering morphology- here I took the first 3d vision, printed it, and started to play around in the workshop” – Oran

You can see some of Oran’s explorations below.


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Mr. Bailey

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