ONEDAY Sneaker Kit | Build Your Own Sneaker

Footwear designer Roderick Pieters and interaction designer Troy Nachtigall have developed a ONEDAY sneaker toolkit that has everything you need to make your own, super clean looking sneakers in literally a couple hours –

ONEDAY started in 2011 as a one day workshop by footwear designer Roderick Pieters on how to design and make your own pair of sneakers. It was taught to primarily design students as part of their studies into footwear construction. But Roderick also taught to people without any experience on design or making at SLEM’s Summer courses and events like ‘MoBA’ or Ecco’s ‘Hotshop’. Then in 2013 Roderick and interaction designer Troy Nachtigall met at SLEM, The Dutch footwear innovation center. There the idea to make ONEDAYs available to everyone was born. Together they put in countless hours testing patterns and trying to find sole manufacturers that would run small runs, which was very frustrating. That’s when they realised that Kickstarter could be the solution to make this happen.

Getting your hands on a pair of sneakers and actually being involved in making them is a fascinating experience that I can’t recommend enough. If you like what you see, head over to their Kickstarter page, pick up a kit and support their project.









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  • Glenn Gutmacher - 3 years ago

    So excited that Roderick Pieters will be coming to RISD Continuing Education to teach the 2-day version of his Sneaker in a Day workshop in his only Rhode Island stop during his upcoming US tour to give those with no experience in sneaker design to handcraft their own custom footwear!