On Foamposites and Futurism

While at the MoMA, very stoned, LookingStupid.net‘s writer, started to do what most people do when they’re high af; think way too much. Unlike most people that become pseudo philosophers when they get high though, Jesse actually came out with some extremely interesting points.

Using the Foamposite’s to represent Nike’s signature, art like aesthetic, he compares their products to the Modern Art on display and the similar structure they both use to create a high demand.

“The controlled valuation of art through dealers and auction houses is not so different than Nike creating endless differing limited runs of Foamposites, injecting each tweaked edition with its own value separate from the rest of the batches, even if the only real changes from batch to batch are in minor tweaks to the fit, and vastly more importantly, new colorways—or more coveted still, classic colorways.”

“The Foamposite has this visual power too—injected with so much ‘Nike-ness’ in its design (paired with brand perception, and actual injections of foam) that the signature model only bears a tiny swoosh near the toe, because that’s all it needs. In this way it reads as a sneaker company’s take on a concept car, whose aerodynamic bodies often suggest futurist lines and evoke speed in much the same way.”

The article is also filled with great little nuggets about the development of the injection moulded upper –

“No existing foam-injection process supported the design of the shoe, and production seemed unfeasible, until the South Korean automaker Daewoo, just three years before the company was dismantled by their government, invented a new injection/molding process specifically for the sneaker. If you believe, as l do, that Futurism directly paved the way for the pop art of the ’60s, it’s hard not to take joy in seeing a commercial designer utilizing a car company to mass-produce a shoe that looks as much like a Duracell battery as it does a piece of art.”

It’s a fairly in-depth article and covers quite a few other aspects that are equally as intriguing. If you have the time I highly suggest you check it out. You can read it in it’s entirety, here.




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