OMNICLIP: Sustainable Shoe Packaging | Uni Tak

I recently went on a bit of a spending binge, and was reminded at the amazing amounts of wasted material used for packaging, I mean just check this out, this was literally amassed in ONE day (granted there were some boxes from shoe samples etc… included in this mess)

unnamedIt’s pretty astonishing. So when I just saw this OMNICLIP project from Uni Tak, it really rang home that packaging really does need a major re-think –

OMNICLIP is a sustainable packaging and product design to address the sustainability issue by using less material for more use. Made of pulp and plastic bag, OMNICLIP can be reused or recycled unlike other shoe boxes. – Uni

I’m not saying this is the perfect, final answer to the over use of material in packaging, but it’s definitely a great start. Perhaps this should be a theme for one of our and Mesh01’s next competition?

Either way, check out Uni Tak’s project, below –











Mr. Bailey

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  • Miller - 6 years ago

    I dont know about everybody else but shoe boxes also protect the sneakers and to have a label to display the shoes information size etc. Apart from that its a brilliant design

  • JEFF - 6 years ago

    I like the Sustainability aspect and interesting design but mass market retailers have been hanging their shoes for years? Saves on cost…. no box packing materials ect…..???

  • Ryan - 6 years ago

    While I’m fond of the end product of this project, it seems to ignore one of the PRIMARY jobs that the current shoe box serves; How do you store and keep the shoes protected during transportation?