OffCuts By Maria Nina Václavková

Inspired by the idea of circular economy and the emotional relationships we have with objects, designer Maria Nina Václavková recently shared her “Offcuts” project.

“I play with deconstruction, different structures and the moments of imperfection. The collection is constructed as a mechanical puzzle. I pay attention to detacheability of components. It provides the repairability of worn out or damaged parts, which will prolong the life of the shoe. After use, all parts could be disassembled which enable the recyclation of materials, because they could preserve their value by not being mixed with each other. It minimises the waste and materials could remain the part of the closed loop cycle. I was interested in the contrast of precise machine made manufactory and the rawness of handmade interventions. Because imperfect object could be capable to cause deeper emotional relationship and encourage our imagination on the subconscious level. I work intentionaly with randomness, irregularity and imperfection. I was also playing with the haptic variety and diversity of structures and surfaces which could provide the complex sensory experience and interaction for the owner.” – Maria Nina Václavková

Below you can see some of Maria’s creations, for the full “Offcuts” collection head here.

model// MNBRC


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