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I often cringe when the term ‘luxury’ is used to describe footwear. Usually because it’s a somewhat unoriginal footwear brand, made in a far-off country that’s trying to jump onto a bandwagon that they really haven’t earned a place on. However, these shoes by Northampton Sneaker Co. are absolutely entitled to use the term.

Combining the modern street-style and comfort of athletic footwear with the incredible quality of traditional English made shoes, Northampton Sneaker Co. use a rich resource of local knowledge and skill to create a different type of sneaker. РNorthampton Sneaker Co.

Fully sourced and constructed in Northampton, England (see the map below), it doesn’t get much more luxurious then a well crafted, gentleman like shoe that’s made in Britain (though being British myself, I may be slightly biased). Don’t get me wrong, Italian made footwear is ‘luxurious’ (though not all of the time). I would have to argue though, that given the major lack of footwear development infrastructure in Britain, that having a shoe of this nature fully created in England, is not only a huge feat, but a lot more luxurious. And if it’s not more luxurious than Italian made shoes to you, then it’s definitely a lot more exclusive.

Locally produced footwear is always something I’m a massive fan of. I have major respect for what these guys are trying to do. Having a good year welt construction is also a major plus, because you can just re-sole your shoe if it starts to wear out.

They’re currently running a Kickstarter to raise funds to produce their footwear on a larger scale. If you like what you see, make sure to support. Locally produced footwear is definitely something we need to see more of. Head here to get a pair for yourself.














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