Nike Zvezdochka | Nike x Marc Newson (Video)

Originally released in 2004, the Nike Zvezdochka is what happens when Nike teams up with a famed industrial designer like, Marc Newson. A true culmination of beautiful form and incredible functionality. Not only are the Zvezdochka’s inspired by space (they’re named after a Russian space dog launched into orbit aboard Sputnik 10 in 1961), but the functionality offered by their unique consturction is unparallelled.

Truly innovative design often challenges current development methods, which these certainly did. Developed entirely via 3D modelling, the Zvezdochka is a mixture of four separate pieces. Each piece can be worn in a multitude of combinations and can be replaced separately. Not only is that great for switching up colour ways, etc…it’s also brilliantly sustainable.

“The Zvezdochka marked one of the first attempts at closed-loop product; the concept in which a product is infinitely recyclable.” – NikeLab

I won’t get too far into the specific details, release info etc, but you can click here if you’d like more info.

Below you can see a quick, interesting look at some of the moulding and development of the Nike Zvezdochka, along with some screen grabs of the initial sketches.



Nike_Zvezdochka_9 Nike_Zvezdochka_10 Nike_Zvezdochka_11








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