Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat | Creative Development

I won’t bore you with too much of the specific details of this shoe as I’m sure you’ve read them on all the other sneaker websites (if you want that though, head here, or watch the video below). I just want to focus on the design/development aspects of this cleat; the Nike Flywire cables, individually hand threaded through the plate and under the foot, the use of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) to 3D print, the high level of execution and general bad a$$ery.

Nike seems to have found that sweet spot between using the latest technology and combining it to not only create super innovative, but amazingly beautiful pieces of footwear. I’m currently developing a project with a client where we went out and actually bought a MakerBot 3D printer to help develop our ideas. I can’t tell you how much that has freed me up creatively and sped up the process to allow us to create something super innovative…so I can only imagine what Nike’s got cooking over in their kitchen.

This time they decided to combine their 3D printing tech, with their Flywire tech. Makes you wonder what they’ll combine next? 3D printing, Flywire AND Flyknit? All I know is, as 3D printing technology continues to develop at the rate it is, it won’t be long before we see 3D printed performance footwear hit the market at a price we can actually afford…it will also leave a crack open for newer, less liquid, athletic brands to get a bit more creative with their tooling. Should be interesting…

ad-1Nike_HyperAgility_0004_RDR_EM3-1_white_4k_original Nike_HyperAgility_0003_RDR_EM3-2_white_4k_original Nike_HyperAgility_0013_SD_EM2_RDR_EM-1_white_4k_original Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_white_crop2_original Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_white_crop_original Nike_HyperAgility_0013_rgb_crop3_original Nike_HyperAgility_0005_JM2_EM2_SD_EM-1_white_4k_original

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  • Rick - 6 years ago

    How much are they?

  • Jerimiah Waltman - 5 years ago

    Are they finished and for sale yet?