Nike Tiempo Legend 6 by Vianney de Montgolfier

Later this month, Nike is planning to release their latest Football boot, the Tiempo Legend 6, designed by Vianney de Montgolfier.

I always find it interesting (and humbling) that with all the modern, innovative materials that we’ve developed over the years, that to this day, leather remains one of the most advanced materials to use (If it wasn’t for the higher cost, I guarantee you’d see more leather uppers in the performance sector). For around two decades, the Tiempo has been synonymous with using premium leather on it’s upper. Taking it a step further with the Tiempo 6, they decided to utilize an adapted Kangaroo leather. The leather has an added layer which allows it to remain light weight in all weather conditions while also remaining super thin, giving the user a greater touch on the ball.

“With Tiempo Legend 6, we challenged ourselves to work with legendary materials in a new way.” – de Montgolfier

The boot’s still maintain the iconic, striking aesthetic at the tongue, though they’ve now created an ‘affixed one-piece solution that is integrated into the laces’.

You can check out some of Vianney’s beautiful initial sketches and renderings for the Tiempo 6’s below, and for more in-depth info you can head here. Highsnobiety also caught up with Nathan van Hook to discuss the boots, which you can check out here.











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