Nike TECH – STURE by Meline Katchi

Utilizing a super unique combination of carefully mapped, Biochar (Carbon) and Phylon with multiple densities, footwear designer (and Palette Studio co-founder) Meline Katchi has created a super innovative (both functionally and aesthetically), sneaker concept.

Embedding Carbon into the textile & outsole during manufacturing, the Nike TECH-STURE concept utilizes the Carbon infused material in key areas of the shoe that need high levels of absorption, deodorization and breath-ability.
Mapping areas of the shoe that endure the most amount of the pressure, a webbed pattern has been created that would give the user high levels of absorption in those particular areas. This webbing not only gives the shoe a very unique level of functionality from an absorption, breath-ability and anti-microbial stand point, but it looks pretty sweet too. I’m always a fan when a product’s unique function, drives and directly effects the aesthetic.

Check out Meline’s super in-depth project, detailing the initial inspiration, research, ideation and final renderings of the Nike TECH-STURE concept, below.




Mr. Bailey

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  • Jake “in da” Torres - 4 years ago

    Nike is late to the Boost party.