Nike Tech Craft Football Boots (Video)

Combining ‘classic craftsmanship with modern methodologies’, Nike has released these Nike Tech Craft Football boots. The four styles (Hypervenom, Magista, Mercurial and Tiempo) still feature their current technologies, but now have a thin layer of leather on the medial and lateral sides of the forefront.

“The application of leather to the upper delivers a responsive touch on the ball. Great care was taken to ensure the softness of the leather was not compromised as it was fused onto the upper. The footwear team leveraged a balance of oils to offset the steam and prevent the leather from stiffening. Nike All Conditions Control was integrated into the process to provide enhanced ball control in both dry and wet conditions.” –

I’m always a fan of using time-tested, natural materials and finding ways to incorporate them into more innovative/modern products to try enhance their unique qualities. Leather has a lot of properties that we’ve yet to truly replicate. The aging, varied applications, the softness/overall feel and natural qualities make leather a material that still rivals even the most technically advanced of man-made fabrics.

Check out the video, showcasing the development of the Nike Tech Craft Football Boots, below.





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