Nike Patents An In-Shoe Treadmill?

Fancy going for a run IN your shoes? I mean, literally IN your shoes? Well, your shit out of luck because Nike appears to have other things in mind with their in-shoe mini-gyms. Essentially, the “rotatable conveyor element” in the sole of the shoe would be utilised to make it easier to put your shoes on.

The patent describes the shoe having “an upper configured to form a space between the upper and the insole,” which is “configured to admit and secure a foot of a wearer.” The conveyer belt like system will be “configured to rotatably engage a body part of the wearer as the foot enters the space and draw the foot into the space.”

The device would also feature a controller to activate the “converyor element”, something like a switch on the inside or outside of the shoe, or some type of magnetic field sensor that would be able to detect when a foot is inside the shoe. Nike seems to also have plans on the treadmill function being able to help take your shoes off for you too.

via Digital Trends, HYPEBEAST

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  • Luke McConnie - 2 years ago

    Great! lets solve a problem that doesn’t exist.