Nike Lunar Bandon 3: All-Conditions Golf

I usually don’t post  footwear without having at least a sketch of the initial ideation, or perhaps a rendering, anything really that gives more of an in-depth look at the creative work done behind the product (though i’m working on trying to get some). But honestly, the more I see of these Nike Lunar Bandon 3, the more I’m impressed. These are the exact reason why Nike runs the footwear industry, the level of execution on these is just ridiculous.

“The main goal with the Lunar Bandon 3 was to create a versatile and comfortable shoe that could adapt to all conditions the athlete might experience in an entire round. When the weather clears up and the sun comes out, the Lunar Bandon 3 can be unzipped to let the foot breathe as well as provide a greater range of motion through the swing.” – Nike Golf’s Design Director of Footwear, James Arizumi.

“This shoe was designed for the toughest and most dedicated golfers who play in unpredictable conditions.  With that in mind, I wanted to focus on the interior of the shoe and design it to be insanely comfortable even in the harshest weather, like sweatpants for your feet on a cold and rainy day,” Arizumi confirms. “Simply put, the Bandon 3 was designed so that the exterior upper takes care of the weather while the interior is built to take care of your feet.”

They really put all the ‘nikeyness’ they could into these. From Flywire to Lunarlon, a seam-sealed shroud and so many little details that honestly make me want to take up golf just to wear these things.




Mr. Bailey

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  • Louis-Martin Tremblay - 5 years ago

    I just bought a pair and will use them as winter boot, I think these boot are reaching outside their intended purpose, which is amazing.

    • MrBailey - 5 years ago

      agree 100%, they unapologetically brought Nike ACG to Golf.

  • Andreas Adiel - 5 years ago