Nike Kyrie 1 | Leo Chang

Kyre Irving’s signature Nike Kyrie 1 make him only the 19th NBA athlete to be bestowed the honour of having his own signature shoe from Nike. From a hidden double H on the heal tread pattern (the H’s representing to stay hungry & humble), a midsole inspired by Kyrie’s early love of skate shoes, and a studded heel counter inspired by his interest in luxury fashion accessories, the shoe is packed full of intimate details bout Kyrie –

The new kyrie irving logo on the shoe’s tongue represents his inner strength and hunger to learn. Hand-written details in irving’s penmanship: #2 on the upper heel along with his personal signature on the inside of the tongue. The acronym ‘JBY’ that sits beneath Irving’s new logo on the outsole stands for ‘just be you’ a motto that Irving hopes inspires kids as they establish their own unique identities. – via DesignBOOM

Designed by the talented, Leo Chang, the shoe features a Zoom Air sole and a HF Welded upper with complex layers of mesh that give the shoe a light weight look and plenty of options for wild colour combinations in the future.

I have to admit that Kyrie is one of my personal favorite athletes to watch play ball, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the Nike Kyrie line develops over the next few seasons. For now though, you can check out some the initial sketches and renderings behind his first signature show, below.














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