Nike Hypervenom II | Nathan VanHook, Phil Woodman & Max Blauteamed

Nike Football Footwear Teammates, Nathan VanHook, Phil Woodman & Max Blauteamed teamed up to create the latest version of Nike’s Hypervenom soccer boot, the Hypervenon II.

Setting out to make the Hypervenom II more agile then it’s predecessor, the team started to test early. “We started very simply, with members of our team wearing white socks and spray painting them while their feet were flexed in various football-specific movements,” says Phil Woodman, Nike Football Footwear Designer. “As they unflexed their feet, the unpainted white lines identified prominent flex grooves. That exercise quickly escalated into visits to Nike’s Sport Research Lab to consult with our scientists on how the foot can best move with the boot for ultimate agility.”

Utilizing the information gathered from these tests and adding everything from a split toe to Flywire, the boot is chocked full of Nike innovations and of course, looks stunning. What I also found very interesting, was the material transitions within the boot, from hard to medium and finally to soft. Which is achieved by the added layer of ‘skin’ seen placed across the shoe in a striking zigzag pattern. This gives the athlete protection where it’s needed, but also allows for a free range of agile movement toward the upper.

Of course in massive Nike style, the colour combination adds to the striking look of the boots. “We draw great inspiration from nature. With Hypervenom II, we focused on a variety of animals that carry special coloring on their underside, often indicative of poisonous capabilities. They may look innocent at first glance, but have these colorful prints one might not see until it is too late. We brought this ‘belly of the beast’ aesthetic to Hypervenom II to leave a strong impression on those left in the player’s wake as he maneuvers past them.” – Phil Woodman

Check out the full design story behind the Nike Hypervenom II’s in the video, below.












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