Nike Guante Soccer Boot by Tom Weightman

Footwear designer Tom Weightman has created an incredibly detailed, super creative Nike Soccer Boot concept entitled, “Nike Guante” – a concept in which the lacing of the boot has been incorporated into a “second skin”.

“We often speak about creating boots to be an extension of the foot, so why not design them like a foot? The skin on our feet houses all the important parts of our foot such as muscles, tendons and bones. How can we integrate all the necessary parts of a boot, such as the laces, beneath a ‘2nd skin’ (the upper’)…and in doing so, allow a flatter kicking area for the player with less distractions.” – Tom

As you would come to expect from Tom’s work, the sketches and renderings are beautifully executed. The concept itself features a whole host of technical attributes from engineered lacing (laces weave through channels engineered within the Flyknit upper), Flywire and Anti Clog technology, to a colour shifting iridescent outsole, an internal memory foam lining (which moulds to players foot when the boot is tightened) and tooth like studs in the forefoot allow for maximum traction.

Tom even takes the whole concept a giant leap further, with the idea of creating an entire boot, upper & sole, out of Flyknit in the future –

“Continuing the idea of creating a 2nd skin, I wanted to explore how we could keep the entire boot integrated and housed beneath the upper. By using TPU yarn in the knit we could (in theory), create the outsole from the upper itself. Excess knit from the lasting process could be heat-pressed and melted into a mould to create a rigid outsole, shank, studs and heel counter all at the same time. Thus creating a 100% Flyknit boot.”

You can see Tom’s Nike Guante Soccer Boot project in full, below.











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