NIKE DUNERUNNER | Spencer J Hawkins

A personal project from designer, Spencer J Hawkins, this Nike DUNERUNNER concept is designed to be a shoe that provides ‘superior comfort, weight, and sandproof technology to help the next level athlete run the Marathon des Sables; a 250km race in the Sahara desert.

The concept features a ton of interesting features (as you can see below), but honestly what grabbed my attention the most was the fact that Spencer used Z-Brush to model his concept. This is something myself and a few fellow IDer’s have been thinking about doing for a while (I need to step up my Z-Brush game first though). Using a soft modelling program like Z-Brush is a brilliant tool for sculpting a shoe in a more ‘artistic’ manner, so I was pumped when I saw the model that Spencer’s created. I think we can all agree the model looks pretty sweet, it would have been extremely hard to get that stretched fabric look on a more traditional shoe modelling program.

Either way, regardless of what programs Spencer used, the concept came out great. You can check out the Nike Dunerunner concept in full, below.












Mr. Bailey

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  • Spencer Hawkins - 5 years ago

    WOW. Speechless! Thank you for the post. The appreciation keeps me motivated and humble.