Nike Debuts New Fitting Technology

Shoe sizing in general can be a nightmare. Often shoes within one brand fit differently, and as revolutionary as the internet has been to the industry, one of the biggest issues when buying footwear online is not being able to try the shoes on to see what size you are in a particular style of shoe.

“Did you know that three out of every five people are likely wearing the wrong size shoe? That’s partly because the system the industry uses to determine shoe size is antiquated. It’s not just the equipment — essentially a foot ruler with a measurement scale based on a barley corn kernel–but the concept of sizing itself. Length and width don’t provide nearly enough data to get a shoe to fit comfortably. Sizing as we know it is a gross simplification of a complex problem.” – Nike

It appears however, Nike may have taken the first step to alleviating that issue with their new Nike Fit App.

“Using your smartphone’s camera, Nike Fit will scan your feet, collecting 13 data points mapping your foot morphology for both feet within a matter of seconds. This hyper-accurate scan of your unique foot dimension can then be stored in your NikePlus member profile and easily used for future shopping online and in-store.” – Nike

Technology like this is not only great for consumers and large brands like Nike, but could also have a dramatic impact on smaller, direct-to-consumer online brands. Consumer’s can feel much more at ease just ordering a single pair tailored to their feet via a similar app, rather than having to go through ordering serveral pairs, sending the non-fitting pairs back to the brand and therefore adding to the brand’s carbon footprint and hurting the brands margins.

You can learn more about Nike Fit in the video, below.

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