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I’ve been sporadically posting “Nike Considered” concepts on Instagram for the past few weeks and I recently came across this HYPEBEAST article from 2008, which breifly covers the initial intent of the project –

“Back in 2003, a small group of rogue individuals felt the need to create a special ops team with a greener approach to sneaker construction. It’s no doubt that their feelings expressed upon the creation of the Considered team back in 2003 would echo sentiments breaking airwaves in alarming frequency these days regarding green methods of production in the market place. They set forth some guidelines in which each piece of Considered footwear must follow such as the necessity to use recyclable materials in production, no uses of toxic materials, using mechanics and engineering as opposed to chemical solutions and lastly closed loop technology (meaning the sneaker can be remade into another sneaker without going to waste). Among the individuals holding a role within the Considered team was Jeff Staple who offered a creative timeline for their collection ultimately culminating with the production of the (Considered) Air Jordan XX3.” – HYPEBEAST

“Nike Considered was developed by Richard Clarke, Tinker Hatfield, Steve McDonald, Mike Aveni & Andreas Harlow working with the Innovation Kitchen, located on Nike’s 175-acre (0.71 km2) headquarters campus in Beaverton, Oregon. Brad Long & Steven Ploem commercialized the footwear designs for mass production. Nike Considered grew out of Nike’s commitments to design innovation and to sustainability. The designers pulled from the best ideas, both inside and outside the company, with the intent of reinventing footwear design. It also grew out of conversations with consumers who were increasingly asking for more sustainable products.” – via Wikipedia

Which all really begs the question; will we see another initiative like this anytime soon? (Nike “Re-Considered”?)
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