Nike Atsuma – Turning Negative Space Into Postivie Energy

Nike Footwear Designer, Fiona Lesecq recently shared some of the thought process and design/pattern elements of the Nike Atsuma.

Tasked with reducing material waste by increading pattern efficiency, the Nike Atsuma turns effiicent pattern usage and ‘negative space into postivie (aesthetic) energy’. With the lateral side swoosh being mirrored by a cutout version of the medial and the hangtag of the shoe being a cutout from the outsole, the Atsuma’s more mindful pattern usage creates a beautfully balanced and layered aesthetic.

“Nike is now moving toward a goal of zero waste (and zero carbon). The Nike Atsuma rethinks and reimagines how trational cut-and-sew footwear can be improved by considering how offcuts can act as critical componants of the shoe’s construction and beautiful elements of it’s design.” – Fiona

You can see more of the Nike Atsuma, below.

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