Nike AirCar | Adrien Séné

It’s often said that automotive and footwear design have a lot of similarities, and I’d have to agree. Whether its more obvious design cues, like the Audi inspired, Adidas The Kobe sneaker, or just the importance of proportions for both products, the careful design language, colour blocking, swooping lines, etc…there’s something very homogeneous about footwear and automotive design.

What designer, Adrien Séné has done here is super inspiring; combining the visible cushioning technology of Nike Air Max’s air bubble, and applying as suspension for vehicle concept. Adrien even took the time to incorporate some lacing into the vehicle design. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

Really love this project, just the type of conceptual art/design I needed to kick my day off right, hopefully it does the same for you. See the full project, below.






Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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