Next Level Colour Blocking | Valentino Uomo “Open Sneaker”

I’ve been looking at the Valentino Uomo “Open Sneaker” for a while now and have really fallen for it’s simple yet innovative design aesthetic. Yes, I think it’s innovative, or at least forward thinking and extremely well executed.

Innovative, forward thinking design isn’t always just relegated to highly complex sports shoes. It has it’s place in fashion also, and is often at it’s best when it’s not so obvious. Here, Valentino Uomo (sorry, unsure of the actual designer/s behind this style) has created a simple, beautifully executed, innovative shoe. Don’t believe me? Look closer.

Taking colour blocking to an entirely different level, the split across the saddle that carries over through the eye row and tongue is just beautiful. Combined with that colour block actually coming alive and tearing itself away from the tongue to swallow up the lacing in that section, you get a simple yet very dynamic design aesthetic. Changing the colour of the lacing at that section is also a clean touch that really adds a crispness. The fact they decided not to stitch the back heel tab also adds to the cleanliness of the design.

The heel moulding is more of an after thought compared to all the other detail. That’s not to say I don’t like it. It adds a little aggression to an otherwise tame design.

To me, this is when high fashion meets casual/sneaker and is done right. Clean and timeless. Salute to whoever came up with these.

Photography by Otislee Wout




Mr. Bailey

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