New Jack | Justin Chambers

DC Shoes footwear designer, Justin Chambers was tasked with creating a “$70 shoe for the DC Skate Team that blends the harsh lines between modern day performance and classic lifestyle”.

Combining a classic suede upper with a more modern performance construction, Justin came up with the ‘New Jack’ – a balanced skating shoe designed to celebrate the harmonious, Yin & Yang life of a skater. The, ‘Yang’ being represented by the suede, which is commonly used in classic skate shoes, and the, ‘Yin’ being represented by small visual references to the performance construction used in certain areas of the shoe. The outsole treat pattern is also a well-balanced and harmonious design, it actually kind of reminds me of the muscle fibres and skeletal structure of the human body.

Below you can see the story, inspirations, initial brainstorming, sketches, renderings and even a little bit of the pre-development for the DC Shoes, ‘New Jack’ sneakers, nicely presented by Justin.











Mr. Bailey

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  • Renanzoron - 5 years ago

    Great project. 😀

  • Swagrid - 4 years ago

    Very cool overview of the design process!