New Balance Might Be The Most Innovative Footwear Brand Out Right Now

In a brilliant article on, writer Darren Griffin details how currently, New Balance is planning to produce around 4 millions pairs of shoes stateside in 2015.

“New Balance producing shoes in the US is a big deal. I mean, think about that for a second. Where other brands outsource much of their production overseas, New Balance produces a large portion of their inventory right here in the US. And it’s still affordable. That’s no easy feat. In fact, it’s essentially the reason why just about every other brand doesn’t do the exact same thing.” – NiceKicks/Darren Griffin

Absolutely on point. It definitely is not an easy feat. However if New Balance, a company ranked at #174 of America’s Largest Private Companies can do it, it begs the question; why can’t brands ranked in the top 100 of the World’s Most Valuable Brands, also do it?

New Balance is now also boasting the opportunity to get next-day delivery on customized NB’s. Something you can do when you’re producing locally. It’s great to see a brand start to realize their uniqueness and approach the footwear industry utilizing those strengths, rather then trying to compete in a market that’s designed to favor certain brands/agendas.

Hat’s off to you, NB.



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