New Balance Leadville 1210 by Kyle Strek

New Balance Senior Designer, Kyle Strek is at it again with this amazingly detailed documentary of their Leadville 1210 – a specially designed running shoe for, Leadville 100 –

‘The Leadville 1210 was created to meet the demands of ultra running. During races that last up to 100 miles, the runners mindset and body go through many changes. The smallest misplaced stitch could mean the difference between finishing or not. We began the Leadville project with an extensive research project where we interviewed, observed and ran alongside these athletes with the goal of understanding the ultra community and their specific needs. The outcome resulted in many new trail running innovations including an all new last, Debris-Free seamless tongue & gusset construction as well as the N2 protect forefoot cushioning/protection technology.’ – Kyle

Check out more of Kyle’s super detailed project, after the jump.

Research project in collaboration with Brian Gothie, Pat Choe, Marya Chan, Brian Best, Aaron Ricicia