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Firstly I have to comment of the internship/apprentice structure of New Balance and how great I think it is. It seems they’ve been giving their interns a design brief and allowing them to create their own sample, going through design and development phases and having them end up with an extremely polished final result. It’s an amazing accomplishment to add to any portfolio for a young designer, and tbh the results have been pretty stunning so far for NB.

These New Balance 1330’s by designer, Justin Lambert are another beautiful example of how their internship structure is generating some of the most dynamic NB’s I’ve seen in some time.

“A personal project from my time as an intern on the New Balance Lifestyle team. The New Balance 1330 became an inline project and had a planned release date in the Spring of 2015.” – Justin Lambert

The 1330’s combine durability with performance and create a silhouette that moves New Balance Lifestyle forward into the future. Aiming the project toward an ‘Athleisure’ market, the shoe combines sporty elements like a TPU welded logo and a fake bootie construction, with a 2 color sublimated camo print that gives the shoe more of a leisure/streetwear aesthetic.

Unfortunately the project was cancelled before it released, so it seems the pictures below might be all we see from the 1330’s for a while. For now though, you can see some of the design thinking, sketches, renderings and technical aspects that went into the creation of the 1330’s, below.


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