Natalie O’Connor – Converse [Re]Shoes

Here’s a well thought out, sustainable project from designer, Natalie O’Connor‘Reduce, Reuse, Reshoes is a project all about keeping the earth green. Converse customers send in their old Converse All Stars and the pair is made into brand new shoes and re-sold in stores. Those who donate, receive a free pair of organic socks in return for their donation. The project creates something new out of something that would have been tossed in the garbage.

The packaging pieces for this project are made from all natural, recycled materials. The shoe box is printed on corrugated cardboard and complete with a rice paper wrap.’ – Natalie

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I am a graduate of the University of Dayton’s Visual Communication Design program as of December 2011. I enjoy all activities outside and am currently seeking to relocate to a climate a little warmer than Dayton, Ohio. Preferably somewhere in California. I am currently an in-house designer in Dayton and have been in the field professionally for four years now. I enjoy doing freelance in my spare time for start up companies as well as doing custom wedding invitations. I am working on my skills in the area of hand lettering as well as training for my first half marathon.

[highlight] What inspired this project? [/highlight]

My sister has always stressed the idea of ‘going green.’ She graduated with her degree in Meteorology and understands out impact on the environment. I believe so much of our material possessions can be recycled and turned into something new. The project was inspired by the material found in shoes and the fact that rubber is not easily broken down by the earth and is commonly turned into other materials (such as rubber mulch) anyway. So, why not send your shoes in and get an awesome Eco-friendly pair of socks in return? You’re never going to be able to sell those dirty sneakers on ebay anyway!
If you check out the front of the box, you can actually see the design has been created by a scanned in scratch board I completed my senior year of high school.

[highlight] Is the project being implemented by Converse? [/highlight]

No, not to my knowledge. This was a project I dreamed up in my head about four years ago while I attended an area community college and re-worked it for my most recent degree.