Modern Vice Interview

I recently had the opportunity to chat with brothers, Jordan & Jensnen Adoni and Omar Bailey of Modern Vice, a dope new lifestyle footwear brand coming out of the heart of NYC. What’s really interesting about this brand, aside from the footwear itself, is that they’ve created their own  full production factory right in the center of New York, and can develop anywhere up to 1000 pairs of MV (and their other brands) each day, on US soil. Check out the story behind the brand, what they want to accomplish, what their plans are moving forward, and much more, below.

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourselves & Modern Vice? [/highlight]

We are three totally different and unique individuals from one each other, which we think is one of our strengths. While we all have a different style of sort, our taste levels are similar and our eyes are keen on high quality materials, details and design. We all are super passionate about what we do, and are blessed every day to be creating beautiful product for guys and girls all over the world!

[highlight] How did you guys meet? [/highlight]

This one is actually a funny story… Jordan one of the founders of MV had a side real estate business. One of his co workers introduced him to Omar, because he knew Jordan was involved with Fashion and so was Omar.  So it was pure chance. After the first meeting, the guys hit it off, and really shared a similar vision for a fresh new sneaker company.

[highlight] What made you want to create your own shoe factory in the heart of manhattan? [/highlight]

Jordan and Jensen Adoni’s father immigrated to America in the 1970’s, and pretty much off of the boat started a shoe factory in the heart of NYC.  His small shoe factory that started with just a few stitching machines, eventually grew into a massive 100,000 sq foot operation,and quickly became one of the major women’s and mens manufacturing hubs of NY and all of USA. Since that point, sadly, most domestic shoe factories were shut down, and product has suffered. While Jordan and Jensen were working with another shoe company, the frustrations grew with developing product over seas and not having complete control from start to finish, overseeing all aspects of the product development.  They decided it was time to go back to there roots and start a factory again, with amazing shoe makers and endless possibilities.

[highlight] What are you plans for the future? [/highlight]

Since we have started Modern Vice, and our new domestic factory in the heart of NYC on w. 38th street, we have started to bring in some more amazing talent, expand the brands, and develop the brand into different product categories. Believe it or not, Modern Vice is associated with one of the most well respected ice skating brands, Klingbeil, in the world!  Obsession Rules is a women’s line we are launching for fall 2012, as well as launching the Women division of Modern Vice !

[highlight] If you had to describe Modern Vice in three words, what would they be? [/highlight]

Chic. Edgy. Quality.


[highlight] When/where can we get our hands on a pair?  [/highlight]

Our Fall 2012 Shoes start shipping in the middle of July and back to school season in NY which is August/Sept ! Clients can purchase Modern Vice directly from,   Lord & Taylor, The W Hotel Stores of Miami,  RIME NYC, and others.
Our made in New York collection will be available exclusively on


Big shout outs to Jordan, Jensen & Omar for the interview, keep up to date with MV through their facbook and twitter pages, stay tuned for more stuff from MV very soon.